It’s curious how the mind con quickly change its opinion about a decision you made, and come up with “good” reasons why what seemed like a great idea last week is now worthless. Analyse these moments. Was there fear when you took the decision in the first place? Is there fear now? 

Which is the decision you’d take if fear wasn’t there? One day the fear will be gone, and all that will be left is what you did, or didn’t do.

Thought, intention, action. Detach yourself from the immediate outcome, but instead ask yourself a better question: 

What am I trying to achieve here? What is my intention?

Indecision is a vice, because the outcome is not under your control. Examine your intentions, then act at once. If you do this, the outcome will be information for you to use, not a judgment about your worth.

Detach your Self from the immediate outcome.

Get back to your core. Peel off the layers until what is left is intuition and natural disposition. Effort and resources should go into the things which inspire you, the things which resonate. If you are not sure, try. It is not wasted time or money if it helps you get a better understanding of yourself, whether that’s by finding a new passion, or by striking through another item on your list.